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        We want you to focus on your core business

        Xeata is a small company dedicated to finding a better way to work in the cloud without fear and without interrupting what you do best - Building your business.

        Xeata believes very strongly that:
        Your data belongs to YOU 
        Moving into the cloud should be a reversible decision - you should never be trapped.
        100% of your effort needs to be focused on building your business, not running your I.T. Infrastructure

        Most of what we do today is internal Research and Development, but we do have a few small clients who benefit by helping us develop our systems.    If you think that your startup would benefit by working with us early on - we are certain that you will find that this was one of your best decisions.

        Notre équipe

        Xeata's Partners

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        Odoo ERP

        Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business applications that work together by design.  Full enterprise accounting, human resources, web presence and even online sales - these are only a tiny portion of what we can offer to the small business startup. 

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        Datto Cloud-Managed Infrastructure

        Datto provides a full line-up of cloud-managed infrastructure that allows you to focus on your passions - not on your I.T. infrastructure.  Datto offers the very best in disaster recovery tools and networking.  All of which Xeata manages for you.  You get out there and LIVE YOUR PASSION!

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        Xeata Charging Solutions

        Every business runs on "Edge" devices - you know, your iPhone.  And these things need power.  So just to be complete, Xeata offers a selection of charging solutions for sale and rent.  From small, pocket-sized power-packs and desktop solutions to customized locker-walls, Xeata will ensure that keeping charged is no longer a problem.  We will even handle shipping brand-able charging kiosks to your events - imagine that!